The Company’s issued share capital consists of 33,900,000 ordinary shares of one penny par value as at 7 May 2021

The Company's shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker code ROQ

Plant Biologist

Major Shareholders of the Company as at 7 May 2021 are as follows:

J Whiddon*
7,300,000 shares (22.53%)

S West**
4,000,000 shares (11.80%)

M Rollins
4,000,000 shares (11.80%)

S Marr
1,900,000 shares (5.60%)

*2,500,000 shares held by MIMO Strategies Pty Ltd (ATF the MIMO Trust); 4,100,000 shares held by 6466 Investments Pty Ltd; 700,000 shares held by Nautical Holdings WA Pty Ltd - all of which are entities controlled by J Whiddon, the spouse of G Whiddon
**shares held by Cresthaven Investments Pty Ltd (ATF the Bellini Trust) - an entity associated with S West